This 1st edition of the National Conference on Applied Computing and Smart Technologies is sponsored by:

For more than 30 years, ENIE is an Algerian company of audio and video manufacturing and electronic components.
Our products are available everywhere in Algeria and are guaranteed 2 years, with our many points of sale and our workshops of service after sale, the customer can only be better served.
Our ambition is to be the first manufacturers of audio-video devices for the general public in Algeria.
ENIE employs 1329 agents and executives in its various fields of activity. The head office of ENIE is located in Sidi Bel Abbès, a city of Algeria located at 450 km west of Algiers.

Founded in 1981 by its current president Mr.AhmedChiali, the association CHIALI STPM has specialized in the manufacture and production of PVC to be glued, intended for the networks of potable water and irrigation.
The perspectives of the market development combined with the forward-looking and ambitious vision of its founder have rapidly allowed enriching the association’s offer throughout a large extension of manufactured products, and a diversification of business areas. The investments made to accompany this development both in terms of infrastructure and equipment, and in terms of human resources, have in their turn imposed a new form of organization.
This association CHIALI STPM evolution of the organization form of the 4 branches reflects and shows its dynamism, its vitality as well as its perspectives of evolution and development.
Today, the CHIALI GROUP professional in extruded plastics since the early 1980’s, presents itself as a supplier of integrated, complete, viable and sustainable solutions in all fields of activity in which it evolves: Water, Gas, Irrigation and buildings.
By this new organization, the CHIALI GROUP confirms its ambition to position itself durably as a market leader in its various businesses