Invited Speakers

Pr. Kamel Belloulata

Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbès

Pr. Kamel Belloulata has held academic appointments in Canada and Algeria for more than twenty years. He has taught courses in the areas of signal and image processing, Video communication and multimédia, DSP and real time implementation, engineering economics, management science. His research is in the area of image and video compression/and retrieval, in particular by using the semantic aspect. He is the author of a book chapter and author or co-author of more than fifty-five refereed papers. Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the multimedia research area. Skilled in Image Compression, Computer Science, C++, Pattern Recognition, and Public Speaking. Strong education professional with a Master’s and PhD degrees focused in Signal, Image and Video processing from Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon (France). He is a registered professional engineer in Canada (OIQ).

Dr. Nordine SAHOUANE

Research Unit in Renewable Energies in Saharan Medium (URER.MS/CDER), Adrar

Dr. Nordine SAHOUANE Nordine received the Postgraduate Diploma in Plasma and Ionized Gas Physics from University of Tlemcen, in 2008, and magister and PhD in Renewable Energy Physics from the University of Tlemcen in 2010 and 2016 respectively. He is currently researcher and Director of the Photovoltaic Conversion Division at the Research Unit in Renewable Energies in Saharan Medium (URER.MS/CDER) Adrar. Dr. Sahouane is the author and co-author of several publications in international journals and proceedings. He is actively involved in several projects in the field of renewable energies. His research interest includes power conversion techniques, forecasting and diagnostics of PV systems, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Dr. Fatiha Guerroudji

Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d’Oran Mohammed Boudiaf -USTOMB-

Dr. fatiha Guerroudji is an Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology Mohammed Boudiaf Oran (USTOMB) and a permanent member of LSSD laboratory (Laboratoire Systèmes, Signaux et données). She received her Magister and PhD degree in computer science from USTOMB University (Oran, Algeria). Her research interests lie in the areas of Geographic information Sciences, Interactive cartography and Geovisualization. She has several participations in projects in these areas. She has published in international journals and conferences and has been a Program Committee member of national and international conferences.