#04 Real-Time Human Action Recognition using Deep Learning Houssem Eddine Azzag, Imed Eddine Zeroual and Ammar Ladjailia

#11 Efficient Initialization for the Adaptive LMS Beamforming Algorithm Aounallah Naceur

#14 The application of machine learning techniques to predict mud losses in petroleum drilling wells: A powerful tool for the preservation of groundwater resources in the Hassi Messaoud oilfield Ameur-Zaimeche Ouafi, Rabah Kechiched and Abdellatif Remita

#15 Fuzzy Controller Based on the Selection of Behaviors in Mobile Multi-Robot Systems Hamza Teggar

#16 QoS-aware Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Arslan Nedhir Malti, Badr Benmammar and Mourad Hakem

#22 Adaptive traffic lights control using proximal policy optimization Oussama Chergui and Lamri Sayad

#23 Deep Residual Feature Quantization for 3D Face Recognition Walid Hariri and Marwa Zaabi

#25 Multi-Agent Control of an Industry 4.0 Cyber-physical Assembly Cell Gaham Mehdi, Mohamed Kadri, Abdelraouf Maoudj, Abdelhamid Bendjelloul, Ahmed Kouider, Bachir Mihoubi, Karima Tebani and Brahim Bouzouia

#30 Optimal Lacation and Sizing of Photovoltaic Based DG Units in Smart Radial Distribution Network Using Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms Nasreddine Belbachir, Benaissa Bekkouche and Mohamed Zellagui

#35 Blockchain for signatures collection Karim Bessaoud and Mamadou Idrissa Maïga

#43 Towards Ubiquitous Applications using MDA and Machine Learning for Context-Aweness Tabbiche Mohammed Nadjib, Khalfi Mohammed Fethi and Adjoudj Reda

#49 Implantable Antenna for ISM-band Biomedical Applications Amaria Saidi, Keltouma Nouri, Kada Becharef and Turkiya Abes

#51 PVG supplied AC Load by using MPPT based on Hill Climbing Method Fethia Hamidia, Amel Abbadi and Ahmed Medjber

#54 PV systems performance improvement using two maximum power tracking algorithms Mohammed Salah Bouakkaz, Ahcene Boukadoum, Omar Boudebbouz, Nadir Boutasseta, Issam Attoui and Abderrahim Derdar

#65 Using dynamic rebalancing Taxi with PSO clustring A Case Study of NYC Moustafa Maaskri, Mohamed Hamou Reda, Adil Tomouh and Mohamed Goismi

#79 Learning Normal Maps for Robust 3D face Recognition from Kinect Data Ahmed Yassine Boumedine, Samia Bentaieb and Abdelaziz Ouamri

#81 A Novel hybrid ensemble feature selection framework for Big Data: Text Mining application Samah Smari and Fatiha Barigou

#83 Automatic Feature Extraction Method for Software Vulnerability Prediction Mohammed Zagane, Mustapha Kamel Abdi and Mamdouh Alenezi

#85 Quantum-inspired Harris Hawks Optimizer for feature selection Adel Got and Djaafar Zouache

#91 A Convolutional Neural Network With Feature Selection Based Network Intrusion Detection Nassima Chaibi, Baghdad Atmani and Mostefa Mokaddem

#92 Combination of texture and clinical parameters with adaptive boosting model for bone fragility prediction Khaled Harrar

#95 An External Archive Guided Manta Ray Foraging Optimization Algorithm for Multi-objective Portfolio Optimization Problem Meriem Hemici, Djaafar Zouache, Brahmi Boualem and Kaouther Hemici

#96 Using DEVS for the the diagnosis of Complex Discrete Event Systems Kadda Mostefaoui and Youcef Dahmani

#98 Prediction suicide behavior based on ‎Spotted ‎Hyenas: Application in twitter Kadda Zerrouki, Reda Mohamed Hamou and Abdellatif Rahmoun